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  • Insurance claim centers
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How to Properly Use and Select a Private Investigations Agency
10/1/2008 2:28:00 PM
1) Use private investigative services anytime you need to find out what the facts are regarding an individual, a group, an entity, or a...
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The Proper Use of Surveillance and Research in the Investigation of Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims - Part 1
10/17/2008 2:22:00 PM

This is the first of a multi-part series.

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ICDA Investigations can help you make the right decisions in life and avoid disasters before they happen!
Private Investigative Services You Can Trust, ICDA Investigations, Inc. Chances are, like the majority of people when you hear the words "private investigator" all of those Hollywood movies about undercover agents come to mind, along with images of stake outs, dramatic car chases and long waits in cars with binoculars, coffee and doughnuts. Sure, sometimes the life of a private investigator may involve that, however hardly ever, but for good reason!

Contrary to popular belief, we are professionals who can actually help anybody who needs to find out the facts regarding an individual, a group, an entity or a particular situation, ideally before they are aggrieved!

Although this would be the ideal situation, too many people come to us after an unfortunate situation has occurred. The majority of people don't think of using private investigative professionals as a preventative measure, and only think of using our services after they have been victimized. The timely use of professional investigative services saves money, heartaches - even catastrophic losses!

How ICDA Can Help You

We use modern technology and draw upon years of formal training, education and job experience to provide all
of the above individuals and entities with the following services:

Contact our team of investigative experts today at 1-800-491-4232 or (305) 634-5555 and find out how we can help
you make the right decisions. Even if you’re represented by an attorney or your insurance company is handling a
claim filed against you, we can work together with them on your behalf to enhance the defense of your case.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can work with you to keep you on track!

Remember, when you need to know…ICDA.com.
Investigation, surveillance and intelligence experts.

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